Passion Bonheur
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How to make a purchase.
To purchase, just follow these few simple steps :
Choose a product.
Choose a category by clicking on a button to the left of your screen, a selection of products offered to you, click on the product you want to buy, the picture grows so you can better see.
Choose quantity.
Following the description of the product will have a field where you can enter the quantity that you wish to order. Man must specify.
Choose your language for explanations of embroidery.
For each of the embroidery cards, you can choose the explanations in French or English. Then click the order button.
Continue your shopping or not.
An invoice will appear with a subtotal of your order (no tax or shipping charges) then you have the choice to continue to buy or pay the bill. If you have not finished your selection, click on the button to continue shopping, otherwise click on the button to pay the bill. You certainly see a small padlock next to this button, this means that payment is secure.
Enter your address and payment method.
A page that asks you to enter personal data for billing, shipping and payment will appear, you must fill in all fields (open squares) with a small red star on the left side. If your shipping address is the same as your billing address, you do not have to reregister all your details, click copy in the billing and shipping information all automatically defer billing for shipping. Then, choose the payment method and enter the information therein. Click the Finish button and you will have a printable invoice with all the information you just recorded.
Finish your order.
You can make changes to the products you have selected (remove, add or change the quantity) or continue shopping by clicking back to your cart. Once you have clicked the finish button, your order is sent and you can not change anything before clicking this button make sure you have properly completed your purchases.
The shipping costs.
Shipping charges are calculated automatically based on the amount of your order. The amount is indicated on the invoice.